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Magnetometric Laboratory

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Our products&project

Protection Systems

TSD (Tag Shields Detector)

LMD (Loop Metal Detector)

Access Control Systems


Anti-piggybacking system for door (APS-D)

Anti-piggybacking system for portal-passage (APS-PP)

Anti-piggybacking system for fullheight turnstile or revolving door (APS-FT)

Anti-piggybacking system for rapid passageway (APS-RP)

NIDG (Non-contact Induction Device for Gate)

NID (Non-contact Induction Device for Access Cabin)

EMAD (Electromagnetic Anti-piggybacking Device)

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Here you will find information about our last projects- sensors, detectors and the other security equipment.

Using electromagnetic fields the equipment to detect metal and non-metal objects under the layer of snow, sand, soil, in water and many other substances; to control man access into protected place as well as electromagnetic systems protecting from shoplifters have been developed for last ten years.

We develop security system projects and specialize in engineering and small-scale manufacture.

We are open to cooperation or any questions