Access Control System TRIUMPH


    Access Control System "TRIUMPH" is constructed from anti-piggybacking systems for door (APS-D), portal-passage (APS-PP), fullheight turnstile and revolving door (APS-FT), rapid passageway (APS-RP) which permit on human body magnetic weight measuring to register and prevent piggybacking events – traditionally the most difficult events for control.

    One "branch" of ACS "TRIUMPH" consists of:

1.                  computer in security post (package does not include it);

2.                  up to 32 APS systems;

3.                  converter RS-232 – RS-485;

4.         software for personal computer.


ACS "TRIUMPH" one "branch" structure


    The entire Access Control System "TRIUMPH" can include unlimited number of "branches".


Demo version


ACS "TRIUMPH" basic technical data

Interface between computer and controllers RS-485

TCP/IP 10 Mbit(soon)

Operational system Windows 2000, XP
Database platform МSDE,    MS SQL Server 2000

Equipment has one-year warranty.