Anti-piggybacking system for portal-passage (APS-PP)

        The automatic way of prevention of pass in limited access zone at presentation of one access card more than one person based on application of an Access Cabin with built-in anti-piggybacking tool is well-known. The anti-piggybacking tool can be competently designed electromechanical weighing device (EWD) or non-contact induction device (NID). However there is one more way of prevention piggybacking events, based on use of the Portal-Passage, equipped one or two non-contact induction devices for gate (NIDG).

        Portal-Passage is a some closed area, limited by two or more doors, walls with windows or without windows, a floor and a ceiling of the room, intended for detention of the infringers, trying enter a protected zone / to leave from a protected zone on one access card together with its owner. Frequently as doors Portal-Passage it is possible to use doors already established in a building. Doors of Portal-Passage can defend from each other both on some meters and on tens meters.

        If pass to a limited access zone blocked only by one door for formation of Portal-Passage in some cases it is expedient to create a small additional wall with a doorway and to hang one more door.

        Depending on the requirements showed to Portal-Passage: prevention piggybacking events at pass to a limited access zone or at pass to both directions, it can be equipped one or two NIDG, installed on external and internal doors which can be deblocked at presentation of an access card to external or internal readers accordingly. If necessary inside Portal-Passage can be mounted keypad or biometric device. One controller which is connected on interface RS-485 to a computer operates all subordinated devices.

        The main advantage of Portal-Passage, equipped by NIDG, is its low cost.

        Inside Portal-Passage, as well as in an Access Cabin, metal detector, detectors of radioactive and explosive substances if necessary can be established.


1) frame (photo) with magnetic antenna, NIDG (noncontact induction device for gate) and DPDD (device of passing direction definition);

2) controller ML2001P with UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) (photo);

3) two proximity readers ;

4) human presence sensor (for metal door).

Structure of module for Portal-Passage, which prevent piggybacking events in both directions


Illustration of normal pass through Portal-Passage


Illustration of piggybacking event in Portal-Passage